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First drive: Peugeot 108 Top!

Friday 09 September 2016

First drive: Peugeot 108 Top!

The first-generation Peugeot 108 was introduced back in 2014, offering low cost motoring for the masses. Here, we have the 108 Top!, the convertible variation of the city car. This car shares pretty much all of its components with the Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo, thanks to a joint venture between PSA (Peugeot and Citroen’s parent company) and Toyota.

With the sharing of parts between the trio comes a lowering of production costs, which means that the 108 Top! is still excellent value for money.

Looks & Image

With its cute dimensions, the 108 is certainly a good-looking car. When compared to its C1 and Aygo stablemates it definitely looks the most grown up, but by no means uninteresting.

The car’s canvas roof can be mechanically retracted, meaning that even around town you have instant access to the outside. It’s a touch that really livens up the 108, and one that will no doubt find it in favour of those looking for a slightly different driving experience.

Space & Practicality

Although our test car came with five doors, the 108 Top! is definitely not somewhere you’d like to be sat for a long journey. You can fit four adults into it, but this would really have to be for the shortest of trips as legroom and headroom are heavily compromised.

That folding roof, though a neat feature, does impede on rear passengers’ headroom when it is folded back, meaning that the back of the car is even smaller. Drivers will quickly find themselves leaving the roof closed if you’re travelling four-up.

In terms of boot space, the 108 really isn’t on par with rivals. Offering just 196 litres, it falls behind cars such as the Skoda Citigo or Hyundai i10 in terms of load-lugging ability.

Behind the Wheel

Naturally, the 108 is best suited around town. There’s good levels of visibility out of the front and side, while the car’s light steering makes it easy to place through tight spaces and busy traffic. However, the 108’s short clutch and noisy three-cylinder engine do spoil things somewhat, while opening the canvas roof does create a fair amount of wind noise.

Out on the motorway and at higher speeds, the 108 is certainly out of its comfort zone. The car’s diminutive size is immediately noticeable, while that steering that is so helpful around town create a car that feels slightly skittish on the highway – though that may be in part to the car’s ability to be affected by higher winds or passing lorries.

Value for Money

Our test car came in Allure specification – which commands a not-inconsiderable price of £12,760. However, for this amount you get a reversing camera, DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity as standard, among other items. You also get a clear seven-inch touchscreen. The only thing that isn’t included is satellite navigation, though this can be added for £400.

In terms of running costs, the 108 is excellent. A combined fuel consumption of figure of 65.7mpg means trips to the pump will be few and far between, while CO2 emissions of 99g/km allow the 108 to be exempt from vehicle tax – though this legislation is due to change from April 2017.

Who would buy one ?

The 108 Top! will no doubt appeal to first-time buyers and those who are looking to keep costs down. It’ll also be popular with those looking for an easy to drive runabout, as it’s simple to maneuverer through city streets.

Facts at a Glance

Model: Peugeot 108 Allure 1.2 Top!

Engine: 1.2-litre petrol producing 82bhp

Transmission: Five-speed manual

Performance: 0-62mph in 11 seconds, top speed 106mph

Economy: 65.7mpg combined

Emissions: 99g/km

Price: £12,760

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