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2017 Kia Rio set to make Paris Motor Show debut

Wednesday 24 August 2016, By AutoVolo

2017 Kia Rio set to make Paris Motor Show debut

2017 Kia Rio set to make Paris Motor Show debut

The next-generation Kia Rio is set to be unveiled at the end of September when the Paris Motor Show kicks off.

Renderings from Kia show a bulkier, sportier front bumper with a larger air intake and a new, wider incarnation of Kia’s signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille. New headlights have also been fitted, with a U-shaped LED signature expected on higher-spec variants.

The tail lights have been modified, too, featuring a new an arrow-shaped design inside the lights, while the rear bumper has bulkier appearance. These images also seem to indicate that the new car will have a lower roofline than before, although there is no indication of whether this will feature on the production car.

The large alloys found on these drawings, however, are almost certain not to feature when the car is seen in the metal.

Interior design cues seen here seem more likely to play a part in the eventual production car’s cabin. There’s a modern look, albeit far from revolutionary, and it’s centred around a touchscreen infotainment system and air vents that mirror the shape of the headlights.

A range of function switches appear lower down the dashboard, just below the climate control system.

The new Rio will be officially unveiled during the Paris Motor Show press preview day on September 29.