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Airbags revealed as major cause of automotive recalls

Tuesday 09 May 2017, By Autovolo

Airbags revealed as major cause of automotive recalls

Airbags revealed as major cause of automotive recalls

As automotive recalls are on the rise, faulty airbags have been revealed as a major contributory factor.

A staggering 41.4 per cent of people injured in cars outside of car accidents in 2016 were due to airbags that exploded through fault, according to a study by Stericycle Expert Solutions, a business solutions company.

German cars are received the most recalls, with 40, followed by French cars with 29 and UK cars with 14.

Farzad Henareh, European vice president at Stericycle Expert Solutions, said: “Looking at an average of auto recalls over the past year it is clear to see just how sharp the rise has been. 

“It is no secret that motor manufacturers have had challenges to deal with which are clearly reflected in the number of recalls and notifications. As the number of connected and autonomous vehicles entering the market increases, these advancements will only add to the complexity.”

More than 80 per cent of recalls were due to injuries and of those injuries, 35 per cent were due to faulty airbags.

Around 364 of the recalls recorded were viewed as high risk.

Back in January of this year, Japanese automaker Honda recalled over 775,000 vehicles in the USA alone because of a fear that as the airbag exploded, hot metal shrapnel would explode into the vehicle occupants’ faces.

Honda hasn’t been the only manufacturer affected however. Takata is a company that makes airbags for all Toyota vehicles.  In March, a staggering 2.9 million Toyota vehicles were recalled due to the same issue of metal flying out of the airbag during a collision.