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Bentley apprentices begin restoration of T-Series classic

Tuesday 11 October 2016, By Autovolo

Bentley apprentices begin restoration of T-Series classic

Bentley apprentices begin restoration of T-Series classic

A team of apprencices starting at Bentley Motors are due to start restoration work on a classic 1965 Bentley T-Series as a part of their training.


Half of Bentley’s intake of apprentices are beginning a three-year manufacturing programme, which will see them learning all about various aspects of coach building, including wood treatment and painting.


Working together, they will carefully restore each part of the T-Series. This will include assembling trim sections, as well as restoring the car’s exterior. Once completed, the Bentley will sit as part of the British car maker’s heritage fleet.


Marlies Rogalt, Bentley’s member for the board of human resources, said: “Bentley’s apprenticeship scheme offers a solid foundation to enable our trainees to learn and grow. Working on one of the most iconic Bentleys from our illustrious past is a truly unique experience, and one which will enhance their skills and knowledge and help them become experts in their chosen field.”


The apprenticeship scheme has been running for more than 40 years, with the vast majority of students based in the company’s headquarters in Crewe.


Colin Jackson, Bentley master trainer, added: “This is something everyone involve in can feel very proud of. Having the opportunity to bring back to life such an iconic Bentley doesn’t happen very often.


“The challenge of restoring this car means that our apprentices will develop the traditional skills that Bentley is so famous for, and sets them up for their careers building Bentleys of the future.”