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Chip-and-PIN immobiliser could foil car hackers

Tuesday 08 November 2016, By Autovolo

Chip-and-PIN immobiliser could foil car hackers

Chip-and-PIN immobiliser could foil car hackers

A new chip-and-PIN-style immobiliser system has been invented to help prevent car hackers from stealing premium vehicles.

The Ghost Immobiliser connects to a vehicle’s internal electrical systems and communicates with the engine control unit. Using buttons on the vehicle’s steering wheel or dashboard, the driver can set a PIN code sequence of up to 20 actions, which must be entered before driving off.

Alternatively, the system can be paired with an iPhone app. If it detects the iPhone and its app running in the background, the driver will not need to input the code to operate the vehicle.

The Ghost Immobiliser was created by a South African firm called PFK Electronics, but Berkshire-based Intelligent Installations Ltd is responsible for bringing the product to the UK.

Errin McNamee, director of Intelligent Installations, said: “Thieves are finding new ways of stealing expensive vehicles without ever needing to break into them, overcoming factory-fitted security devices by exploiting weaknesses in these electronic systems.

“Very few of these vehicles are ever recovered and in many cases criminal gangs are breaking them down within hours and shipping them out of the country. The Ghost Immobiliser is a chip and PIN solution which offers a highly effective way of protecting your vehicle.”