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David Brown Automotive announces all-new model

Monday 27 March 2017, By AutoVolo

David Brown Automotive announces all-new model

David Brown Automotive announces all-new model

David Brown has released details surrounding ‘Project 2’, its upcoming sports car.

The Project 2 is set to sit alongside the company’s Speedback GT car, and will be crafted using high-quality materials and traditional coachbuilding techniques. It is expected to feature a similarly retro-inspired design.

David Brown said: “We’ve been working on Project 2 for over a year. It’s an idea that I had right at the start of Speedback GT’s story and sits beautifully alongside it.

“Using our core mantra of classic styling, beautiful craftsmanship and modern technology, Project 2 is a fusion of the brand’s values, with quintessential British design and craftsmanship at the heart. We’ve had a lot of fun with the new car and I can’t wait to reveal it in full.”

Three versions of the new model are due to be unveiled in the second quarter of this year, following the firm’s move to new headquarters in Silverstone. First deliveries of the car are expected to begin in September.

The manufacturer confirmed that the car will come with a range of ‘brand-new’ exterior colours to choose from, as well as ‘bespoke interiors’.

The price of the new car is yet to be revealed, although it’s expected to be in excess of the half million-pound price tag of the Speedback GT.