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Ferrari lifts the lid on drop-top LaFerrari Aperta

Friday 30 September 2016, By Autovolo

Ferrari lifts the lid on drop-top LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari lifts the lid on drop-top LaFerrari Aperta

Ferrari revealed the drop-top version of its LaFerrari hypercar at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

Dubbed the Aperta, the newcomer uses the same combination of 789bhp V12 and 161bhp electric motor to provide a total power output of 950bhp and more than 900Nm of torque.

The result is a 0-62mph sprint of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 217mph.

The Aperta has been built to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Italian company, and just 209 examples will be produced. The entire allocation is already sold out.

As standard, the car features a soft roof for inclement weather, although customers can specify a removable carbon-fibre hard top instead.

A Ferrari spokesperson said: “The biggest challenge involved in designing the LaFerrari Aperta was to produce a convertible that could be pushed to the same extreme limits as the coupé.

“The Styling Centre’s input was concentrated on retaining as much of the original LaFerrari aesthetic as possible.

“The flowing line that neatly divides the cockpit from the car body is unchanged with only those elements above the waistline modified. The resulting impact is of a carbon-fibre ‘flying bridge’ hunkered into the main volume.”

Ferrari has not commented on the LaFerrari Aperta’s price, but it will likely be in excess of the £1 million price tag carried by the coupé version.