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Ferrari reveal incredible 488 Challenge

Tuesday 06 December 2016, By AutoVolo

Ferrari reveal incredible 488 Challenge

Ferrari reveal incredible 488 Challenge

Ferrari has revealed the latest car to join its international Challenge racing series – the 488 Challenge.

The series, which is exclusively for clients, has run since 1992. From that time, it has conducted more than 2,000 races, with 2,000 drivers taking part in up to three series on three continents.

The 488 Challenge is based on the standard 488. Its 3.9-litre turbocharged V8 engine makes it the first-ever turbocharged car to race in the series.

The exterior of the car, though based on the standard 488, is heavily modified. The front radiator’s location has been changed, to provide better cooling. A more pronounced splitter has also been fitted.

The bonnet features triple vents with integrated flaps, which work to move hot air from the radiators towards the rear of the car. A large rear wing has also been fitted, with the air foil similar to that found on the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship-winning 488 GTE.

Intakes at the rear of the car also help draw cold air towards the rear brakes, as well as optimising the amount of downforce that the car generates.

Another new addition is Ferrari’s Side Slip Control, which works with the car’s stability control to maintain exceptional levels of traction, no matter how aggressive the corner. 

The 488 Challenge is the sixth model to take part in the one-make series.