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Fines for parking on private land reach all-time high, says RAC

Friday 19 August 2016, By AutoVolo

Fines for parking on private land reach all-time high, says RAC

Fines for parking on private land reach all-time high, says RAC

A record number of UK motorists are being fined for parking on private land, the RAC has revealed.

The organisation also reports that the first quarter of the 2016/17 financial year saw 1.07 million vehicle owner records sold to private parking companies by the DVLA.

The DVLA charged buyers £2.50 per record released, with only a handful of companies being able to access the information free of charge.

These companies were then using the records to track down and send penalty charges to car owners.

Subsequent quarters accounted for, it is estimated that the DVLA has sold roughly 4 million records, potentially earning the government organisation around £10 million per year.

This equates to a 1,371 per cent increase on the total of 272,000 records sold in 2006/7. In 2015/16, the DVLA sold off 3.7 million individual records.

While there is no enforced limit on how much expensive a parking charge should be, the British Parking Association recommends the maximum figure should be around £100.

If all parking fines were for this amount, UK motorists could be paying roughly £400 million in penalties every year.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “There is no way of reading these figures other than as an indication of yet another increase in the number of tickets being issued to drivers parked on private land. Why else would parking companies request keeper records?

“Yet you have to ask how legitimate these penalties are? The BPA’s own code of practice calls for a ten-minute grace period after paid-for and time-limited free parking expires, so is the industry really saying that four million drivers a year are even later getting back to their vehicle? Fifteen times more than just ten years ago? It beggars belief.”