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Fisker Inc. gives a glimpse of new EMotion

Thursday 08 June 2017, By Autovolo

Fisker Inc. gives a glimpse of new EMotion

Fisker Inc. gives a glimpse of new EMotion

Fisker Inc. has unveiled its first images of its new Tesla-rivalling electric vehicle – the EMotion.

Though renderings of the car have been around for some time, this is the first time that images of the Fisker in the metal have been shown.

Fisker claims that the EMotion will be capable of a 400-mile range, along with a top speed of 161mph.

The EV has been built using both carbon-fibre and aluminium, designed to lower weight and “give greater consideration than ever before to its passengers’ safety, comfort, and convenience”, according to the manufacturer.

There’s been a vast array of technology integrated into the car, including side mirrors housing two cameras that give the driver a 360-degree view of the area around the car.

Carbon-fibre elements on the front, sides and rear should help allow the EMotion to cut through the air as effectively as possible. A low bonnet line will also give the Fisker far better aerodynamic properties.

Customer will be able to buy the EMotion directly through the Fisker website, as well as from one of the company’s “experience centres”. 

The EMotion is slated to appear on roads in 2019, though Fisker Inc. will reveal further details surrounding the car during the remainder of this month. Pre-orders for it will open on June 30.