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Ford designs ultra-durable key for Transit vans

Friday 02 September 2016, By AutoVolo

Ford designs ultra-durable key for Transit vans

Ford designs ultra-durable key for Transit vans

Ford has designed a super-durable key that will withstand submersion and being dropped repeatedly.

Based on the standard key used in the current Transit and Transit Custom vans, the key is supposedly capable of “lasting a lifetime”.

The key housing has been sealed to ensure that it’s waterproof, and the battery that powers it is recharged every time the key is inserted into the vehicle’s ignition. It’s also tough enough to cope with being dropped onto hard surfaces.

During testing, the key was submerged for 30 minutes, dropped on a concrete floor 50 times and vibrated in a container with keys and coins for four hours to simulate a pocket.

It was subjected to temperatures of between 50 and minus 10 degrees Celsius, too, and still worked after five hours surrounded by fine penetrating dust, 96 hours of exposure to petrol, diesel, detergents, ethanol and sweat.

Jonathan Allen, electrical engineering supervisor for Ford of Europe, said: “Our customers want a key which can tackle the hard knocks of construction sites and city deliveries, and keep coming back for more.

“While a mobile phone can sometimes let you down, Ford has ensured that Transit drivers have a key which is just as rugged as their vehicle.”