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Ford highlights risk of drink-driving with ‘Hangover Suit’

Thursday 29 December 2016, By Autovolo

Ford highlights risk of drink-driving with ‘Hangover Suit’

Ford highlights risk of drink-driving with ‘Hangover Suit’

Ford has made a suit that recreates the effects of a hangover to warn drivers of the risks of driving after drinking the night before.

With the help of Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel of the Meyer Hentschel Institute and R&D consultant Erik Feß, the ‘Hangover Suit’ was made to simulate the effects of a hangover.

The suit is built up of a vest, weights, headphones and goggles, and all of these aim to create a feeling of tiredness and dizziness.

The Blue Oval brand hopes that this suit will help raise awareness of driving hungover, something which the company describes as ‘potentially fatal’.

Meyer-Hentschel said: “For the ‘Hangover Suit’ we have introduced the headphones that replicate the particular increased sensitivity to sound as well as the typical acoustic experiences of a migraine. In addition, a weighted headset, together with the goggles, simulates dizziness and a blinding headache.”

According to Ford’s research, drivers who are under the drink-drive limit may still present as high a risk as drunk motorists as they will have slower reactions and could be deprived of sleep.

Dr Richard Stephens from Keele University, who is an alcohol researcher with expertise in hangovers and has tested the suit, said: “People often do not realise the degree to which a hangover impacts your core ability to do anything. The ‘Hangover Suit’ brings that point home loud and clear.”