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Ford to release all-electric SUV by 2020

Friday 03 February 2017, By Autovolo

Ford to release all-electric SUV by 2020

Ford to release all-electric SUV by 2020

Ford has announced that it will produce an all-electric SUV by the year 2020.

The company claims that its all-new electric SUV will be able to travel 300 miles, allowing it to travel from London to Paris on just one charge. 

A survey of 5,000 people aged between 17 and 34 found that 80 per cent thought that SUVs have become more fuel-efficient, as well as being more environmentally friendly.

A further 25 per cent of people said that they were considering purchasing a SUV as their next car.

Roelant de Waard, vice-president of marketing, sales and service at Ford of Europe, said: “SUV sales are rising faster than any other type of vehicle in Europe, and eco-conscious millennials are a driving force behind growing SUV demand. Last year, Ford’s SUV sales outpaced even this rapid industry growth.

“Customers are discovering the fuel efficiency offered by advanced engines like our new 120PS 1.5-litre TDCi diesel that meets the latest Euro Stage 6 emissions requirements and delivers 115g/km CO2 in the new Kuga, and the multi-award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine in the Ford EcoSport.”

Ford has experienced a huge rise in the amount of SUVs it sells in the UK. Sales of EcoSport, Kuga and Edge models rose by 320 per cent in three years, while sales in 2016 rose 31 per cent when compared to the previous year.