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French cities to require vehicle emissions stickers

Tuesday 24 January 2017, By Autovolo

French cities to require vehicle emissions stickers

French cities to require vehicle emissions stickers

Motorists visiting some of France’s biggest cities will now have to display a windscreen sticker denoting their vehicle’s emissions.

The new initiative, called Crit’Air, was introduced in Lyon and Grenoble on January 1 and came into force in Paris on Sunday.

Alternatively fuelled vehicles, such as electric- and hydrogen-powered cars fall into the cleanest Crit’Air 1 category, while more polluting vehicles will be rated between two and six.

Foreign-registered cars driving in Paris do not have to display the stickers until March 31.

RAC European breakdown spokesman Simon Williams said: “Anyone caught without a sticker risks a fine of up to £117, although we understand the French police are likely to be lenient in the early days.

“While the stickers only cost around £3.20 to buy, the website is currently only in French. An English-language site is, however, due to be in operation as of February 1.”

Drivers can apply for the stickers on the internet, and they will need to know which European emissions standard their vehicle falls into.

Those driving Euro 5 or Euro 6 cars can find the necessary information in section D2 of the V5C registration document.

Cars falling into the highest emissions bracket may eventually be banned from the cities when there is a high level of air pollution. Bans on driving in certain areas on certain days may also be enforced at some point.

Some vehicles – usually older models registered before 1997 – have not been assigned a category, so they cannot be driven in Paris between 8am and 8pm.

Other French cities, including Toulouse, Dijon and Cannes, may choose to introduce the scheme in the next three years.