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Fully electric Mazda could enter production by 2019

Thursday 09 March 2017, By Autovolo

Fully electric Mazda could enter production by 2019

Fully electric Mazda could enter production by 2019

Mazda is looking at expanding its range of powertrains with electric and rotary units, which could be seen as early as 2019.

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, vice-president of the Japanese carmaker’s European Research & Development Centre Matsuhiro Tanaka revealed plans to introduce an electric model, potentially with a conventionally fuelled range extender, within three years.

“We’re looking at introducing a fully electric vehicle, but also at an electric vehicle with a range extender,” he said.

“We will introduce such a vehicle in the future – the near future. By 2019 or 2020.”

He declined to say in which car the electric powertrain would be seen, adding simply: “It could be a new model.” 

Tanaka made reference to the pre-existing Mazda 2 electric concept car, which utilises a rotary-powered range extender to double the car’s battery capacity. 

“We are now considering how to apply the rotary engine,” he said. “There are several opportunities to apply the rotary engine in the future.”

A spokesperson for Mazda UK explained that while the Mazda 2 had proved itself to be a suitable base for an EV, its first fully electric vehicle in the UK was still open to various options at this stage.