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Here's Subaru's updated BRZ

Tuesday 06 December 2016, By Autovolo

Here's Subaru's updated BRZ

Here's Subaru's updated BRZ

Subaru’s BRZ sports car is due to be updated for 2017, adding refinement, better handling and greater levels of efficiency.

The exterior of the car has remained relatively unchanged. However, it has been lowered at the front slightly, while new bumpers and LED headlights have been fitted.

Inside, the cabin gains a 4.2-inch colour LCD touchscreen. This incorporates a G-Force meter, which monitors the amount of G forces that the car generates through corners. Steering angle gauge and lap times are also displayed. 

The steering wheel has now been made smaller, and includes audio control switches too. Subaru says that the cabin has been heavily lifted thanks to the use of higher-quality plastics and leather. 

The mechanics of the car have also been reworked. Tweaked dampers reduce body roll and vibration, while the ‘Boxer’ engine powering the car has been strengthened to reduce friction. This helps increase refinement and fuel efficiency. 

A new track mode also increases the car’s stability and allows for more precise throttle inputs, while a Hill Start Assist system should make driving the BRZ around town a little easier.

Full prices and specifications are yet to be released, though Subaru says that the BRZ will arrive in the UK in spring.