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Highways England criticised for deleting CCTV recordings

Tuesday 13 December 2016, By Autovolo

Highways England criticised for deleting CCTV recordings

Highways England criticised for deleting CCTV recordings

A formal complaint has been lodged against Highways England by a claims business after is found that the National Control Centre’s CCTV footage of major road networks is being erased after one week.

Highways England monitors Britain’s roadways and informs contractors when portions of the highway need attention. For example, if a fuel spillage were to happen, the system notifies the appropriate department that is requires cleaning up. It also records traffic incidents that take place on the road.

However, because the footage is deleted after a week, those who caused such incidents might not be able to be tracked down and held to account after it has happened.

Philip Swift, managing director of Claims Management and Adjusting (CMA), said: “When Highways England are aware of an incident, why on earth is the CCTV footage not retained?

“The issue of liability is key in cases of damage to Crown property. If the driver was negligent, they will likely be responsible for the repair costs.

“Unfortunately, it is often an innocent party who ends up colliding with a barrier, while the truly-at fault driver (the one who veered towards them and caused them to swerve) sails merrily on their way. In swerve-to-avoid incidents like these, video footage – either from dashcams or CCTV – can be extremely useful.

“You can see why drivers, fleets and insurers get frustrated when it appears that the very people pursing them for money, Highways England, have destroyed potentially vital evidence.

“Imagine how you’d feel if you weren’t at fault but received one of these invoices including an amount for the National Control Centre operator’s time. We advise clients to request the CCTV footage immediately, and ask for it to be supplied within five days, but Highways England’s policy in this area needs to be urgently reviewed.”