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Hyundai shows off driverless tech at CES 2017

Friday 06 January 2017, By Autovolo

Hyundai shows off driverless tech at CES 2017

Hyundai shows off driverless tech at CES 2017

Hyundai has demonstrated a fleet of driverless cars at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

In an interactive installation at the show, South Korean manufacturer has several autonomous Ioniqs driving around the roads near the exhibition centre.

The cars use a laser- and radar-based guidance systems to determine their position in relation to other vehicles and their surroundings. Unlike typical autonomous systems, which tend to be mounted on the roof, the Hyundais’ radar systems are positioned behind the bumper. This allows the company to retain the Ioniq’s shape despite the new equipment.

Hyundai’s driverless cars also use the standard driver aids fitted to normal Ioniqs, such as lane departure assistance and adaptive cruise control.

The cars will be fitted with GPS antennas that locate other vehicles and high-definition mapping gives the the car detailed information about its location, the road’s gradient and the width of the lane. This information is used in conjunction with the blind-spot monitoring system, which helps to ensure safety.

A statement from Hyundai said: “Through extensive testing in urban environments Hyundai is continuing to develop and refine its self-driving technologies with the goal of using less computing power, resulting in a low-cost platform that the typical consumer can afford.”