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Land Rover designs compact Christmas cabin for festive season

Friday 09 December 2016, By Autovolo

Land Rover designs compact Christmas cabin for festive season

Land Rover designs compact Christmas cabin for festive season

Land Rover engineers have designed and built a collapsible cabin especially for the festive season – and it can all fit inside a Discovery Sport.

The cabin is comprised of a number of wooden components, all of which take up every bit of available storage space in the popular compact SUV. Even the glove box and cup holders are used to store nuts and bolts.

Land Rover used its cold-climate chamber to test the structure to make sure it could withstand freezing winter temperatures.

Kenton Cool, a mountaineer who has climbed Everest 12 times, tested the cabin in temperatures that dropped as low as minus 20°C.

Cool said: “There is a growing trend for off-grid living and ‘wilderness cabins’ and only Land Rover could create a ‘go anywhere’ cabin like this. The design is cleverly engineered and incredibly robust, making it perfect for remote locations across the world.”

Prior to building the cabin, engineers made a virtual model of it to guarantee that all of the car’s space was utilised. It was then constructed using sustainable materials.

A wide horizontal door provides access to the cabin, while the lights and kettle can be powered through the car’s 12v socket. A roof-mounted solar panel also features.

Helen Ali, vehicle package team leader, said: “We wanted to create a Christmas cabin for Santa, in a truly Land Rover way. The spacious and versatile Discovery Sport was perfect for this project. The seats can be folded flat at the push of a button from the load space, which is wide and square and there are plenty of hidden storage spaces like the area under the front cup holders.

“Building a cabin that utilised all these features was a lot of fun. We could have built this in one of our bigger models, but we wanted to prove just how versatile the baby of the Discovery family truly is.”