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Majority of Brits choosing ‘staycations’ for bank holiday weekend

Thursday 25 August 2016, By AutoVolo

Majority of Brits choosing ‘staycations’ for bank holiday weekend

Majority of Brits choosing ‘staycations’ for bank holiday weekend

Three quarters of the British population will be staying in the UK for their bank holiday weekend getaway, a survey conducted by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has discovered.

The survey of 2,000 adults, found that the most likely groups to hire a car and head off for the weekend were young people and Londoners.

Many people are going to spend the weekend visiting relatives, with almost a quarter of those surveyed (24 per cent) planning on hiring a car.

Garry Keaney, the BVRLA chief executive, said: “This bank holiday most people will be staying local, which we suspect is a knock-on effect of the vote to leave the EU and the increasing cost of holidaying abroad. It is encouraging to see that plenty of UK holidaymakers are planning to rent cars, particularly young people and Londoners.

“Furthermore, we expect the actual numbers to be even greater, as planned train strikes tip the scales in favour of car hire this Bank Holiday.”

Four in every ten Londoners (80 per cent) choosing to vacate the capital this weekend will be staying away from public transport, with 35 per cent planning on hiring a car to avoid taking trains and buses.

Keaney said: “We advise anyone planning to hire a car to do their research and reserve their vehicle in advance. This gives them the time to weigh up their options and make an informed choice. We would also urge consumers to look out for the BVRLA logo when choosing a provider.”