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Mazda shows off new design language on latest CX-5

Thursday 17 November 2016, By Autovolo

Mazda shows off new design language on latest CX-5

Mazda shows off new design language on latest CX-5

Mazda has unveiled the latest incarnation of its popular CX-5 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The refreshed SUV features a new, more upmarket design language that Mazda will incorporate in its future models.

Jeremy Thomson, managing director of Mazda UK, said the new car was a “stepping stone” to the next generation of Mazdas.

“The CX-5 is a very important car for Mazda,” he explained. “It’s not just a facelift of a car that came out in 2012, but it hints at a design language that will flow through all our cars in the next few years.

“We have one of the freshest product line-ups in the industry and we will shortly launch a seventh generation of Mazdas in the UK and this CX-5 gives a very good look at where we are going.”

An imposing new grille adorns the front of the latest CX-5, as do smoother lines and an eye-catching new headlight design. It will land in showrooms in summer 2017, and Mazda hopes it will help lift sales above the current annual figure of 9,000 units.

“The CX-5 is hugely important to Mazda in the UK,” added Thomson. “The C SUV segment has been growing for many years. When CX-5 arrived in 2012 it was relatively late into the evolution of that segment but my word has it made an impact – we have not even had to advertise the car on TV since its launch.

“We have attracted the highest number of premium customers to Mazda with the CX-5 too. BMW, Mercedes and Audi owners swapped their cars for a CX-5 and I think that was down to its attractive running costs and decent specification. I can see this new model continuing that and helping increase sales.”

Commenting on whether the CX-5 looked too similar to its predecessor, Thomson said: “I think it was always a very handsome car so it would have been a mistake to change it too much.

“In key areas there are significant improvements. For me the front grille is dramatic and assertive and points very much to future Mazda design, which is exciting.”

A bold new “Soul Red Crystal” paint also makes its debut on the new car, as does a new head-up display.

Mazda is yet to reveal pricing information, although Thomson claims it will be “competitive and reflect the improvements”.