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More vehicles are hitting UK roads

Thursday 27 April 2017, By Autovolo

More vehicles are hitting UK roads

More vehicles are hitting UK roads

During 2016, vehicles travelled a staggering of 323.7 billion miles on British roads.

New figures released by the Department for Transport show a 2.2 per cent increase compared with the year before, and 18 per cent compared with 20 years ago.

The amount of heavy goods traffic has stalled after a few years of increases, but cars and vans have continued to travel further, with 4.7 per cent more vehicles on our roads being vans – the biggest increase of all vehicles.

Transport for London says this is due to the popularity of online shopping – with an increase in workers getting items sent to the workplace to avoid missing deliveries, more light commercial vehicles are being sent out onto the roads.

Since the recession in 2007, when figures plummeted dramatically, there continues to be a resurgence in inner-city traffic with an annual increase of 1.8 per cent. However, it still doesn’t match the amount of traffic seen in the city before the recession.

Mark Shankland, the managing director of AA Tyres, said: “Today’s stats bear out how much, as a nation, we’re indebted to our cars. While car stock has continued to rise, the total number of miles driven per person has increased beyond this – reflecting just how reliant we are on our motors for everyday usage.”

Nick Lyes, RAC roads policy spokesman, said: “These figures underline the importance in having a road network that is truly fit for purpose – and a reminder to whoever forms the next government that investment must be sustained to support further economic growth, and to provide roads that deliver safe, reliable journeys for every UK motorist.

“Local roads are also seeing traffic growth and many are struggling to cope with a depressing combination of congestion and potholes.”