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New car buyers put luxury before safety when ticking the options list

Thursday 04 May 2017, By Autovolo

New car buyers put luxury before safety when ticking the options list

New car buyers put luxury before safety when ticking the options list

Drivers spend their money on optional extras rather than safety systems, a study has found.

Four in five motorists say safety technology is important when buying a car. But a staggering nine million drivers won’t pay for optional safety features because they are too expensive.

Over 2,000 people took part in a survey by vehicle safety experts, Stop the Crash. They gathered together information on what people spend their money on. 

David Ward, chairman of the Stop the Crash partnership, said: “This research shows how important safety is to the consumer, but highlights how this often fails to translate into safety options being purchased in the showroom. 

“Manufacturers must offer safety systems with proven ability to save lives as standard.”

Around 83 per cent of motorists think that the best safety options should be fitted as standard.

Features like autonomous braking (AEB) should be standard according to Stop the Crash, which is calling on all manufacturers to fit AEB at no extra cost.

The company also feels that if motorists use premium tyres this aids braking, and when combined with AEB, are much more effective at stopping a crash. 

According to the organisation, AEB could lead to a 38 per cent reduction in rear-end collisions and potentially save up to 1,100 lives and stop 120,000 casualties over the next decade.

It isn’t just AEB that helps save lives though. There are many other optional safety features that can be costly but make a huge difference to safety. 

Blind spot detection, for example, can be very beneficial on motorways to help you change lanes safely without hitting any vehicles in your blind spots.

Lane keep assist is another helpful system, which autonomously steers you back into the correct lane if you begin to stray over the white lines.

Another is radar-guided cruise control. This detects and matches your speed to the car in front.

Stop the Crash will demonstrate the life-saving capabilities of AEB at this year’s London Motor show between May 5 and 7.