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Polestar performance upgrades announced for S90 and V90

Tuesday 06 September 2016, By AutoVolo

Polestar performance upgrades announced for S90 and V90

Polestar performance upgrades announced for S90 and V90

Polestar, Volvo’s in-house tuning company, has created a performance package for the new S90 and V90 models.

The package is called Polestar Performance Optimisation, and is only available on the most powerful D5 version of the E-Class rivalling saloon and estate.

Priced at £835, it increases the four-cylinder engine’s power output to 237bhp and 500Nm of torque – an increase of 5bhp and 20Nm.

But Volvo says the package does more than just add power, and instead “upgrades the entire drivetrain and further improves driving dynamics”.

These improvements include a sharper throttle response and faster gearshift speeds.

According to Volvo, none of these performance-centric changes have any effect on fuel consumption or CO2 emissions, and they do not alter the warranty conditions or service intervals.

The Polestar Cyan Racing Team, Volvo’s own World Touring Car team, collaborated closely with Volvo to create the new package.

Thed Björk, one of the team’s drivers, said: “It is exciting to take the technology we use in our race cars and apply that to Volvo’s road cars. We have created a balanced package that provides performance in all conditions, whether you are winning a race or driving actively on your favourite roads.”

Niels Möller, COO of Polestar, added: “We continue to enhance the performance of Volvo’s new, class-leading SPA vehicle architecture and Drive-E powertrains. The S90 and V90 already offer excellent driving dynamics, and we are delighted to raise the performance level even further with Polestar Performance Optimisation.”