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RAC urge chancellor to freeze fuel duty

Thursday 06 October 2016, By Autovolo

RAC urge chancellor to freeze fuel duty

RAC urge chancellor to freeze fuel duty

The RAC is hoping that chancellor Philip Hammond will continue to freeze fuel duty increases as part of next month’s Autumn Statement.


The motoring organisation has reported that fuel prices rose for the second consecutive month in September, with rising oil prices and a weakening pound blamed for the change.


The average cost of petrol came in at 112.07p per litre, which marks a 0.48p increase over prices at the start of the month.


Diesel, however, rose in cost 0.42p a litre to reach an average of 113.34p at the end of the month. The RAC highlighted that this comes as the highest average since August 2015.


As a result of the price increases, filling up an average-sized 55-litre petrol tank costs £61.63, which is just over £5 more than an equivalent tank filled up in January. Diesel, though experiencing a less dramatic rise in cost, now costs the average driver £4 more per 55-litre tank than it would have done at the start of the year.


Pete Williams, RAC spokesman, said: “A higher oil price, combined with a weakening pound, is forcing up wholesale fuel prices: the wholesale price of diesel is now nearly 9p higher than it was at the start of August, and petrol 7.4p higher. The effect of this to date has been gradually rising pump prices.


“The new chancellor’s first Autumn Statement looms next month, and the RAC hopes that he sees sense in committing to not increase fuel duty for the remainder of the Parliament – certainly compared to his predecessor’s track record on fuel duty, the new chancellor has a lot to live up to.”