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Remote-control cars tow life-size pick-up

Monday 20 March 2017, By

Remote-control cars tow life-size pick-up

Remote-control cars tow life-size pick-up

A group of remote-control cars somehow manage to tow a 3.21 tonne pick-up in a new video released by Toyota.  

Called “The Pull”, the clip sees a group of Tamiya Hilux Bruiser scale models hooked up to the front of a Toyota Hilux Invincible Double Cab with wires – and somehow the remote-control cars manage to pull the 3.21-tonne pick-up. 

Scott Brownlee, Toyota GB’s head of press and social media, said: “These films put a new, fun perspective on the toughness and reliability that have made the Toyota Hilux a motoring legend and Tamiya’s Bruiser one of the world’s best-loved radio-controlled cars. They show how skilful engineering and lasting, robust build quality are key to making ever-better cars, whether you are manufacturing a full-size pick-up or a model that’s just one-10th the size.”

The test took place in a hangar at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. Each Bruiser had its tyres inflated to their maximum pressure, and they were each locked into low-ratio transmission for better traction. A group of experts in radio-control models were behind the ‘wheels’ of each car, ensuring that each Bruiser played its part.

It takes its inspiration from a similar clip created by Tamiya in the 1980s to promote the original Hilux remote-control car. 

Anthony Shaw, Tamiya UK Spokesman, said: “We never really knew if it was possible to pull a full-size Hilux, but the 2017 version is so impressive and salutes the original from nearly 40 years ago in the best possible way.”