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Renault delivers 100,000 electric cars in five years

Tuesday 13 September 2016, By Autovolo

Renault delivers 100,000 electric cars in five years

Renault delivers 100,000 electric cars in five years

Renault’s 100,000th pure-electric vehicle has been delivered five years after the Twizy, the brand’s first electric car, was launched.

The 100,000th car was a Zoe bought in Norway by 41-year-old Åsmund Gillebo. To celebrate his landmark purchase, one local energy firm offered him five years of free charging, while another rewarded him with 100,000 minutes of charging.

Renault’s pure-electric offering has reached a number of milestones of late, after the brand sold more than 15,000 electric vehicles in the first half of this year. That signified a 32 per cent increase when compared with the first six months of 2015.

Of those 15,000 cars, 1,199 were destined for the UK – 26.1 per cent more than were delivered to these shores during the same period in 2015. The vast majority of these cars – 1,069 – were Fiesta-sized Zoes.

Renault’s Electric Vehicle Division director, Eric Feunteun, said: “Every year there are more customers for electric cars and Renault is making a major contribution to this with its constant innovation and dedication to developing infrastructure. Our customer satisfaction, which stands at 98% for the Zoe, encourages us to keep pushing onwards.”

As well as selling electric cars, Renault is also trying to do its bit for the environment by working with charging companies to boost electric infrastructure. Just one of the Renault-backed initiatives has already installed 2,300 quick charging points along main roads in 15 countries.