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Renault introduces diesel software update as emissions scandal continues

Thursday 23 March 2017, By AutoVolo

Renault introduces diesel software update as emissions scandal continues

Renault introduces diesel software update as emissions scandal continues

Renault will reprogram its diesel vehicle software in an effort to improve real-world emissions, following evidence showing that the brand’s vehicles emit up to nine times the legal limit for nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Consumer organisation Which? published the evidence a week after the newspaper Liberation published what it claimed were excerpts from a leaked French government report suggesting Renault had been cheating emissions tests for a quarter of a century.

In response to Liberation’s claims, Renault said it “cannot confirm the veracity, completeness and reliability” of the report.

This week, the French manufacturer admitted that it “has been aware” of discrepancies between results achieved in lab tests and the nitrogen oxide emissions seen in its vehicles on the road. However, it added that it has been gradually introducing a software update on new diesel engines since July last year, which would reduce the gap between real driving emissions and standards-based emissions.

A statement from Renault said: “There remains significant potential for improvement regarding the release of NOx in real-use conditions. As a result, Renault has defined a range of actions that have been applied gradually in the production of diesel vehicles since July 2016.”

New vehicles will come with the updated software, while Renault will soon offer to fix some vehicles that have already been delivered free of charge.

Despite the obvious parallel between this move and the voluntary recall issued by Volkswagen following the Dieselgate emissions scandal, it does not constitute a full recall. Renault further claims that the vehicles Which? cited as having excessively high emissions would not have benefited from the application of the updated software.

Renault maintains it has done nothing wrong, saying: “All Renault vehicles are, and always have been, homologated in accordance with the laws and regulations for all the countries in which they are sold. They all conform to the current standards.”