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Second-hand car batteries are being repurposed for use in the home

Tuesday 06 June 2017, By Autovolo

Second-hand car batteries are being repurposed for use in the home

Second-hand car batteries are being repurposed for use in the home

Used batteries from electric cars are set to be repurposed for use in the home, storing energy produced by domestic solar panels.

Renault has partnered up with Powervault, an electricity storage provider, to recycle old batteries for use as home power storage units. The French car manufacturer claims the alliance should see the cost of such units drop by 30 per cent, signalling “the tipping point of mass-market roll-out in the UK”.

In a bid to test how effective the repurposed batteries are, as well as how customers respond the technology, 50 trial units will be fitted in homes and schools.

The energy storage packs enable homeowners with solar panels to store the energy they produce for use at a later date. The repurposed batteries can also be charged from the grid in off-peak hours for use at on-peak times, which should see household electricity bills reduced.

According to Renault, the car batteries have a lifespan of eight to 10 years. Customers pay a monthly rental fee for the battery, which will cost anything from £49 to £110 depending on how many miles per year the owner travels. Once the battery is eventually spent, it will be replaced at no extra cost.

The exhausted batteries will then be left with Powervault for repackaging into smaller units – a process that is predicted to give the batteries another 10 years of use.

Nicolas Schottey, program director of EV batteries and infrastructures at Renault, said: “Thanks to this home energy storage partnership with Powervault, Renault is adding a new element into its global strategy for second life batteries, which already covers a large number of usages from industrial to residential building and districts.

“The second life use not only gives additional life to electric vehicle batteries before they are recycled, but also allow consumers to save money. It’s a win-win-win: for EV owners, home-owners and the planet.”