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Skoda reveals further detail on its Vision E

Thursday 06 April 2017, By AutoVolo

Skoda reveals further detail on its Vision E

Skoda reveals further detail on its Vision E

Skoda has previewed the interior of its Vision E concept, only a week after unveiling the Tesla-rivalling model.

The futuristic cabin features four rotatable single seats and counter-opening doors.

Expanses of glass and the absence of a B-pillar gives the Vision E a bright interior, while the elevated seats allow for good visibility.

A cockpit screen displays the vehicle’s data, while each passenger has their own screen on which they can adjust comfort functions such as information and entertainment.

CEO of Skoda, Bernhard Maier said: "With the VISION E, we are giving an outlook on Skoda's future models with electric drive.”

"In addition to plug-in hybrid vehicles, we will also be launching five purely electric cars on the market in various segments before 2025. This will enable us to offer every fourth car with electric drive."

The concept meets level three requirements for autonomous driving and is powered by 302bhp lithium-ion batteries. This allows it to travel up to 310 miles on purely electric power and achieve a top speed of 112mph.

The Vision E will make its debut on Skoda’s stand at the Shanghai Motor Show, from April 19 to 28.