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Skoda starts new used car initiative

Wednesday 26 October 2016, By Autovolo

Skoda starts new used car initiative

Skoda starts new used car initiative

Skoda is trialling a new scheme which looks to make the used car buying process more personal for potential customers.

When trading in or upgrading their Skoda, people will be asked to provide details such as the car’s nickname, what its personality is like, and what memories it has created.

Once supplied, this information will be shared with potential new owners to give them a better idea of the car’s history.

Nick O’Neill, national used car manager for Skoda UK, said: “For the sales guys in the showroom, it’s a different conversation starter.

“It’s really about generating that initial interest and having a nice conversational topic and appealing to the emotional side of a purchase rather than the purely rational.

“Then the sales guys can step in and talk about what the car comes with and all of that additional information”

A survey of 2,000 people conducted previously which asked participants about the cars they 
owned previously, O’Neill said that Skoda managed a 73 per cent reconsideration rate – the highest out of any manufacturer the company tested.

“We have such a high reconsideration rate that we though to ourselves, ‘What better people to help sell our used cars than the previous owners’, because 73 per cent of them, the research shows, would be willing to buy another Skoda,” he added.

Skoda has chosen the London-based Willis Motor Company as the location for its three-month trial.

Proprietor Dennis Willis said: “We’ve been selling used cars for more than 25 years, and I’ve seen first-hand the way that the relationship between owners and their cars has changed.

“People don’t just own a car now – they love it, it becomes part of them and their life. No one has done anything like this in the industry to reflect that shift: Skoda is breaking new ground.”