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Skoda’s third generation Octavia production hits 1.5 million 

Wednesday 03 May 2017, By Autovolo

Skoda’s third generation Octavia production hits 1.5 million 

Skoda’s third generation Octavia production hits 1.5 million 

Skoda has sold over 1.5 million examples of its third-generation Octavia, with the milestone car having just rolled off the Mlada Boleslav production line in the Czech Republic.

Following on from the success of the first and second generations, the third generation of the Octavia has continued to be a popular choice and is a common sight in most towns and cities across the UK. 

It’s a favourite with taxi drivers and those who want a good value, economical family saloon or estate.

The Czech carmaker has been manufacturing the Octavia since 1996 and in that time has sold over five million of them.

More than 80,000 people in the UK alone have bought the latest Octavia. It is currently available in various trim levels from Active, Ambition, Style to the top of the range Laurent and Klement variant. They can also be specified with Skoda’s latest four-wheel-drive system.

The current third-generation model is made in several counties across the globe including the Czech Republic, China, India, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Michael Oeljeklaus a board member for production and logistics at Skoda, said: “With the Octavia, the rapid development of our company really gathered pace from 1996. It has been an important pillar of the Skoda portfolio for over two decades. 

“With the third generation of our bestseller, we have seamlessly built on the success story of the first two editions”.