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Swedish police take delivery of first Volvo V90

Friday 02 December 2016, By Autovolo

Swedish police take delivery of first Volvo V90

Swedish police take delivery of first Volvo V90

Swedish police are due to take delivery of its first Volvo V90 police cars, after the estate scored the highest ever rating in the department’s driving test.

Sweden sees police cars as a workplace, and because of this they have to meet a series of strict guidelines in areas such as comfort, quality and performance.

The police car test in Sweden comprises of five different components: an obstacle course, high-speed emergency driving, a brakes test and evasive action tests with and without braking.

The V90 managed a score of 9.2 out of 10 – the highest score that has ever been achieved by a car in the test.

The final protocol prepared by Swedish police said: “Overall, it is difficult to find any faults at all.

“Chassis, steering, suspension, traction control and powertrain all show exemplary performance. Quick lane changes at high speed feel almost deceptively easy, the car does what it is told to do and shakes off lateral forces without any protest.”

Swedish police are the first force to start using a V90, but only after Volvo Car Special Products makes a number of modifications to ensure it is fit for duty.

These include a stronger chassis, uprated brakes and improved suspension. Tools for the police to use, such as communication equipment are also installed in the car, with the entire transformation process taking about a week.