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Transport minister undertakes economy driving challenge

Wednesday 19 October 2016, By Autovolo

Transport minister undertakes economy driving challenge

Transport minister undertakes economy driving challenge

Transport minister John Hayes has been challenged to take eco-lessons to improve his daily driving economy.

Organisers behind the MPG Marathon asked Hayes to see whether some simple tips could help improve his economy, echoing the challenge currently being asked of some of the country’s most eco-conscious drivers. 

Thanks to a lesson from an expert driver trainer, Hayes was able to improve his overall fuel economy by 12 per cent. Just a few easy changes made the world of difference to the minister’s driving style.

Hayes said: “I think it is essential to encourage business and the public to realise that they can save a lot of money by driver training, and get beneficial effects on emissions, comfort and safety too.

“From this training, I’ve discovered first-hand it really is possible to make dramatic changes in fuel economy with the adoption of some relatively simple practices. Anticipating the road ahead, driving smoothly and using the natural momentum of the car, rather than accelerating and braking harshly, are essential to driving more economically.

“Promotion of this is important, and the government is very keen to push harder on this. Training is essential. We’re offering 9,000 subsidised lessons a year, and have worked with more than 800 small businesses over the last three years through the Energy Saving Trust’s Ecodriving scheme. This has directly resulted in drivers saving money for themselves and for their businesses.”

Steve Moody, publisher at business driving publication Fleet World, who organises the MPG Marathon, said: “Mr Hayes has demonstrated that no matter how good a driver you are, there’s always room for improvement, and using trainers can reap huge dividends.”