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UK Tesla Model 3 production won’t begin until 2019

Monday 31 July 2017, By Autovolo

 UK Tesla Model 3 production won’t begin until 2019

UK Tesla Model 3 production won’t begin until 2019

The first deliveries of Tesla’s new Model 3 saloon began on Friday, but UK advance orders won’t be completed until 2019 at the very earliest.

The electric company’s hotly-anticipated Model 3 is designed to bring EV technology to the masses thanks to its £26,000 price tag. 

However, after the car’s initial launch on Friday it became clear that, though it is possible to buy a Model 3 at this price, very few of the cars that actually hit the road will be in base spec.

The only standard colour is black – silver, blue, white and red all cost £760 extra.

As standard, the Model 3 has a 220-mile battery, though a longer-range version capable of travelling 310 miles on a single charge will be available with prices starting at £33,500.

A premium upgrade package is also available, and this includes heated seats, upgraded interior materials and a premium audio system – though it does command a £3,800 premium. 

A timeline that was posted on the Tesla website has revealed that production will be increased until 5,000 cars are being built every week in December.

All early models will be long-range, rear-wheel-drive cars, with all-wheel-drive production set to commence in spring. International left-hand-drive deliveries will being in 2018, while right-hand-drive models won’t enter production until 2019.

Full UK pricing hasn’t yet been revealed, though because of import costs and right-hand-drive conversion processes it’s likely to cost more than in America. Base cars are expected to start above £30,000.