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V8 Jeep beats plane around Lincolnshire race track

Wednesday 14 September 2016, By Autovolo

V8 Jeep beats plane around Lincolnshire race track

V8 Jeep beats plane around Lincolnshire race track

Jeep’s Grand Cherokee 4x4 has become the first off-roader to beat an aeroplane around a race track, the American car manufacturer has claimed.

The Blyton Park Driving Centre, in Lincolnshire, was the venue for the showdown, with the 1.8-mile course marked out by five seven-metre-high pylons for the aircraft.

Both vehicles started from a standstill, with the 178mph plane having to take off, then follow the course at low altitude, while the 461bhp Grand Cherokee could follow the course as normal.

Taking control of the plane was expert Twister stunt pilot Peter Wells, while the Jeep was in the hands of the youngest British driver to ever compete at Le Mans – Ed Morris.

Despite the aeroplane costing £44,000 more than the Jeep, and boasting a top speed 18mph higher than that of its rival, the Jeep’s launch control and five-second 0-60mph time allowed it to take the lead from the start.

From thereon in, the Silence gained on the V8-powered 4x4, but the Jeep’s tight cornering allowed it to take the shortest route around the track and ultimately claim the win.

In the end, the time gap was just under one second, as the Jeep’s 1:13.4 time eclipsed the Silence’s 1:14.3.