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Waitrose launches fleet of gas-powered trucks

Thursday 09 February 2017, By Autovolo

Waitrose launches fleet of gas-powered trucks

Waitrose launches fleet of gas-powered trucks

Waitrose has begun using a fleet of trucks powered by compressed natural gas, or biomethane, which the supermarket hails as the best carbon alternative to diesel for heavy goods vehicles.

With the new fuel, the trucks are able to cover 500 miles on a single fill-up, which Waitrose says is a 200-mile improvement on other gas-powered HGVs.

The extra range commands a premium price tag, though, with each of the 50 trucks in Waitrose’s fleet costing 50 per cent more than an internal combustion-engined truck.

Waitrose, however, says the additional purchasing costs should be recouped in two to three years thanks to projected fuel savings of between £15,000 and £20,000 a year.

The trucks will also reduce Waitrose’s carbon footprint by emitting 100 fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide every year than a conventional diesel-engined wagon.

Justin Laney, general manager of central transport for Waitrose’s parent company, John Lewis Partnership, said: “With Europe’s most advanced compressed natural gas trucks, we will be able to make deliveries to our stores without having to refuel away from base. Using biomethane will deliver significant environmental and operational benefits to our business. It’s much cleaner and quieter than diesel, and we can run five gas trucks for the same emissions as one diesel lorry.”