AutoVolo's 1000 Voices - Membership Opportunity

AutoVolo's 1000 Voices - Membership Opportunity

Unique Opportunity for Car Dealerships to become a member of 1000 Voices Movement

AutoVolo’s 1000 Voices scheme is a unique way for dealers to be part of a company that has an ever-growing amount of influence in the market. With more than one million people visiting the AutoVolo site every month, 1000 Voices represents a unique opportunity for car retailers to partner up with the UK’s fastest-growing car-buying and selling platform.

What is 1000 Voices?

Members will have a host of benefits to assist them in selling such as Premium advertising package with the option of a brand new free fully web responsive website allowing the retailer full control over their current stock management to all other portals, with no additional export costs.

One area that concerns a lot of retailers is the rising costs from industry leaders, so members will have the reassurance that their advertising pricing with the Autovolo scheme will be fixed for the next 4 years at today’s rates, therefore providing some surety on marketing costs in this ever changing market place. Retailers will also have access to a buy in stock via its platform as many private sellers who are advertising also indicate they are open to an offer from a dealer to achieve a quicker sale, this feature alone could save hundreds of pounds on each transaction.

A retail dealer panel will be formed, along with an elected representative who will sit in on AutoVolo management meetings to discuss industry issues, initiatives and have some involvement in helping to shape the success of the business. So there has never been a better time than now to get involved and help to secure your future.

Plus as an added bonus retailers who join will also be part of a 20 per cent stake in the AutoVolo business as well and would share in the future profits that the business delivers.

Why choose Autovolo?

AutoVolo currently has over 200,000 cars available online via over 4,500 independent and franchised dealers advertising on the site. The 1000 Voices opportunity gives dealers the chance to be part of something bigger in the future.

A company that has over 22,000 likes on Facebook – and growing quickly. AutoVolo is also attracting over 1m visitors every month, with users spending an average of eight minutes browsing the site. AutoVolo has its branding on more than 260 Waves car washes at Tesco Stores, as well as buses on the Arriva network across the UK. In short, AutoVolo’s presence is spreading throughout the country – and it’s growing quicker than ever.

What will you be part of?

Autovolo is privately owned, funded, free from restriction and is able to react and implement things rapidly with no red tape. There are many new and interesting ideas that the company is working on to address some of the key issues that dealers face and have been well documented recently, such finance commissions, PX tools, reviews and pricing tools so join in and become a part of a movement to secure your future.

How do I get involved?

To register your interest in this unique scheme email OR CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.