Keeping your car cool in summer: top tips

Keeping your car cool in summer: top tips

With summer now in full swing, people around the country will have been out enjoying long, hot days in the sun. Barbeques, picnics in the parks and journeys to the beach are all common past times at this time of year.

That said, with the sun constantly beating down on us, your car also can also come to be something of an oven if you don’t keep your wits about you. To give you a bit of relief, we’ve collected a number of tips to help you keep the cabin of your car at a more bearable temperature, so you don’t end up melting into the fabric of your seats.

Keep your car parked in the shade

Yes, we know – this sounds incredibly obvious. That said, spending that little bit of extra time to locate a parking space that is in the shade is one of the easiest ways you can keep your car from turning into an inferno while you leave it parked up.

See if you can find an underground or multi-storey car park, or any shaded area for that matter. That said though, be a bit careful parking under trees, as bird droppings and falling leaves can leave your car’s paint slightly worse for wear.

To further increase your chances of keeping your car cool, make sure you keep your windows open by a crack, as this will allow any hot air to escape. Just make sure you keep an eye on any sudden weather changes!

Make the most of your car’s A/C

Again, this seems like a total no brainer. However, to really get the best results out of your car’s air conditioning system, be sure to set it to circulate fresh air into the car for the first couple of minutes you’re in there. By doing this, you won’t just have the hot, stale air that was trapped in the car blown back in your face.

When your car has reached a more normal temperature that isn’t uncomfortably hot, change the A/C to the recirculate setting. By doing this, you’ll also stop any nasty vehicle emissions from creeping their way into the cabin from any cars you might find yourself stuck behind.

Use the lower air vents on their own

In addition to keeping your car windows slightly open and turning the air conditioning on when you first get in, you will also find that setting the air to flow solely into the lower vents in the footwell will help cool the car faster. As hot air rises, blowing cold air into the lower reaches of the cabin will help force the hot air out of the open windows, cooling your car faster.

Fork out for a sun shade

We’re all familiar with the rather ugly designs that adorn the majority of sun shades you can buy – you know, the Winnie the Pooh and Snow White ones. While they don’t look all that great, you would be wise to clap your hands on one.

As they help to reflect heat out of the car’s interior, your car will be noticeably cooler when you get back in to head home. An added bonus is the fact that they will also help to protect the cabin from potential sun damage.

*Image credit - Jeremy SegrottFlickr