What Are The Most Common Makes Of Used Cars For Sale in The UK?

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Rank (Most Common) Make Of Car No. of Cars
1st Used Ford 42,831
2nd Used BMW 36,306
3rd Used Vauxhall 24,703
4th Used Volkswagen 19,495
5th Used Audi 15,926
6th Used Mercedes 15,081
7th Used Nissan 13,446
8th Used Kia 11,393
9th Used Peugeot 10,039
10th Used Renault 9,100
11th Used Citroen 8,622
12th Used Land Rover 8,437
13th Used Hyundai 8,009
14th Used Toyota 7,798
15th Used Fiat 7,555
16th Used Mini 6,685
17th Used Honda 6,051
18th Used Skoda 5,641
19th Used Volvo 5,479
20th Used Mazda 4,996
21st Used Seat 4,650
22nd Used Suzuki 4,486
23rd Used Jaguar 4,022
24th Used Mitsubishi 2,629
25th Used Porsche 1,748
26th Used Dacia 1,165
27th Used Lexus 1,090
28th Used Jeep 1,027
29th Used Ds 888
30th Used Alfa Romeo 835
31st Used Smart 797
32nd Used Subaru 632
33rd Used Ssangyong 592
34th Used Mg 565
35th Used Bentley 513
36th Used Aston Martin 434
37th Used Chevrolet 416
38th Used Abarth 412
39th Used Isuzu 365
40th Used Ferrari 351
41st Used Saab 261
42nd Used Lamborghini 223
43rd Used Maserati 189
44th Used Chrysler 185
45th Used Rover 123
46th Used Rolls-Royce 112
47th Used Mclaren 84
48th Used Infiniti 79
49th Used Daihatsu 65
50th Used Lotus 52
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