What Are The Most Popular Engine Sizes Of Used Cars For Sale in The UK?

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Rank (Most Popular)Car Engine SizeNo. of Cars
1st2.0 L74,017
2nd1.6 L52,993
3rd3.0 L21,216
4th2.5 L4,201
5th1.8 L7,450
6th2.3 L1,655
7th1.4 L23,921
8th3.6 L811
9th1.2 L33,804
10th1.9 L2,547
11th2.1 L7,230
12th2.2 L11,028
13th2.7 L1,400
14th5.0 L806
15th6.0 L433
16th1.5 L23,020
17th1.0 L25,424
18th3.2 L1,403
19th4.2 L784
20th2.4 L2,580
21st1.3 L4,855
22nd4.0 L1,069
23rd4.4 L1,061
24th2.9 L414
25th4.6 L52
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