What Are The Most Popular Engine Sizes Of Used Cars For Sale in The UK?

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Rank (Most Popular)Car Engine SizeNo. of Cars
1st2.0 L77,878
2nd2.5 L5,203
3rd3.0 L21,918
4th1.6 L56,380
5th1.8 L9,516
6th2.3 L1,655
7th4.0 L1,112
8th1.9 L3,637
9th1.4 L22,630
10th3.6 L985
11th2.7 L2,013
12th2.2 L11,692
13th6.0 L498
14th1.2 L30,764
15th5.0 L914
16th3.2 L1,679
17th4.2 L1,044
18th2.1 L8,487
19th2.4 L2,976
20th1.5 L18,829
21st4.4 L1,058
22nd1.0 L20,599
23rd1.3 L4,975
24th2.9 L489
25th2.8 L613
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