About Us

About AutoVolo

AutoVolo was established in July 2013 and launched at the end of August 2015. It is a privately owned and run company with a management team of over 30 years of experience in creating successful businesses.

AutoVolo approach is to be very different from the rest of the other online digital providers that have come to market and via it’s unique marketing plan which will be looking to drive more visitors to its website which in turn should lead to more enquiries for it dealers who are displaying content.

AutoVolo will be building a brand presence with a very strong consumer offering to advertise online with them, driven by ongoing promotional pricing that will be made available to the motorist in everyday locations that they frequent on a daily and weekly basis.

Waves Car Wash An example of this ‘unique approach’ is a partnership agreement with Waves car wash across the UK who are the exclusive partner to Tesco and they clean over 3.5m cars a year across its 240 locations around the UK. Each car will get an AutoVolo branded air freshener, paper mats and a promotional discount voucher for the private seller to use when advertising their car for sale on AutoVolo

The car wash is located within the supermarket car park which attract around 5m shoppers a week…so it is a massive opportunity for the brand to be seen and get recognised on a regular basis and over time when the motorist is in the market to replace their car then AutoVolo brand should be one to consider visiting and using.

Supporting all of this ‘offline’ activity the company is investing heavily in both outdoor and online marketing, here you can see some examples of our marketing activity:

AutoVolo Bus Advertisement Bus Rear Advertising across the UK
AutoVolo Billboard Campaign 48 Sheet and Digital billboard campaigns
AutoVolo Bus Stop Ad Campaign 6 Sheet Street Panel

AutoVolo Digital Screen Campaign The highlight of the advertising activity so far has to be the use of the new digital advertising screens (pictured) in Manchester via JC Decaux – these state of the art electronic billboards really add some credibility to the development of the brand and there will be more campaigns around the UK as the company continues to develop its presence