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Our sell my car service is a unique approach currently available on the market when it comes to sell your car online.

When you advertise your car for sale with AutoVolo - we share* your advert across social media platforms helping your advert reaching millions of potential buyers that are currently on the market, looking to buy a used car similar to yours. Also, we have more than 7000 dealers nationwide interested to buy your car instantly**.

It’s far more efficient than sticking your car on gumtree and hoping for the best. We ensure that private buyers and car dealerships send you enquiries, meaning that you’ll get a far greater exposure to people viewing your listing.

What’s the best way to sell your car online?

There’s so many options to sell your car these days, and consumers often want a combination of the best price with the least amount of hassle. Whilst our system ensures you’ll get the very best deal on your car, we’ve listed some of the key considerations below when selling your vehicle.

Selling Your Car to a Dealer

Taking your car directly to a dealership is an attractive option because dealers are very experienced at buying and selling cars and there’s an added element of protection. They’ll take care of lots of the paperwork and hassle for you too. You can also enter into part exchange or trade-in deals that allow you to use the value of your current car to buy another.

Typically, when selling to a dealer, you will not get quite as much as you would through a private sale. This is because the dealer will have to sell the car on again, and the price you are offered will reflect this. Also, if you go this route, you should be prepared to haggle.

Shopping around dealerships can also be a lot of effort. Online services like tootle will list your car online for dealers to bid on, saving you driving from dealership to dealership. At AutoVolo, we offer this service for free, although be aware some sites may charge extra.

Online Car Valuation

Sites like webuyanycar are normally the quickest way to sell your car, because they give you an offer immediately. However, it is important to remember this valuation of your car is not guaranteed. Often, once the car has been inspected, you receive a reduced final offer. Also, the price you are offered may be less than you would get at a private sale (and 99 times out of 100 it is), because it is not a direct sale. Instead, the car will be sold again at auction, often to a car dealership.

Selling Your Car Privately

In the UK, a private sale of your car will probably get you the best price. This is because there are no middlemen between you and next owner. For many, the best way to sell your car privately is to list your car online, using sites like Gumtree and Autotrader.
There are drawbacks to a private sale though. It can be slow, as buyers will want to try before they buy. You also have to handle the sale yourself, with meetings and negotiating back and forth. Finally, it may carry hidden costs like advertising fees.

Why choose AutoVolo?

AutoVolo advertises your car to both private buyers and dealerships across the UK. This gives you the benefits of both approaches, without any of the stress.

What documents do you need?

To list your car for free on AutoVolo, all you need is the registration the milage and the price you’d like to get. However, you will still need to gather together some paperwork to sell your car:

  • Your registration document, called the V5C. Once the sale is complete, you tear the bottom off and send it to the DVLA (see here for more info). This should also trigger any refund you may be owed on UK car tax.
  • Service history log book - this will often be requested by new owners and car dealerships, so comes in handy.

*Available only with the platinum package.
**When you select the option allow local dealers to send offers for my car.

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